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WayneDawnBishop Wayne Durden received his call to preach in Monroe Church of God and has served faithfully as a minister of the Gospel ever since. He ministered as a senior pastor for years and returned to Monroe Church of God in 2005 to serve as our Associate Pastor. He is active in the community and has fulfilled various roles in the county and state serving on multiple boards, chaplain positions, and also with radio, jail, hospital and nursing home ministries to name a few.

He loves teaching the Word of God, praying and sowing into people’s lives. He also along with his wife, Dawn, won the international award for the entire Church of God as Ministerial Couple of the Year. Together they love ministry and serving others. They oversee pastoral care, senior adult ministry (Cornerstone), and a variety of other facets.

Dawn has a huge heart for missions (as evidenced by her service in over 27 countries) but also pours her heart into the local church. For 35+ years Dawn has served the local church in a variety of director roles including women’s, missions, communications, singles, VBS, puppet, and youth ministries. She has also served in outreach, bus, nursing home, prison, drama and dance ministries as well as choir, a church pianist, Sunday School teacher and women’s speaker (for over 50+ churches in multiple countries as well). Dawn enjoys partnering with our first lady to minister to women and actively seeks opportunities to help them grow and find their purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Wayne and Dawn’s enthusiasm and passion for God and people are a blessing to our church.

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